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                                                            Personal Introduction
Hello there,                                                                                                                                                  KookaLogo
                I'm Don Morrison. I've been making music one way or another ever since I was a child and found that I had an irrepressible urge to sing. Of course that's not so unusual, just about everybody gets that urge sometimes, at least in the shower, but not all day every day!

My parents quite often had to
request that I stop and get something else done, but I just couldn't seem to stop, not for long anyway, and I still haven't.

Much of my early life was spent in glorious North Queensland where I found my feet as a singer entertaining tourists on various islands of the Great Barrier Reef and other nightspots, dance halls, wine-bars, and such places, anywhere that I could get a fair price for my labours and even more often just for the joy of doing it.

Funnily enough I never had a lot of trouble finding people who appreciated my musical efforts, right from when I was offered my first paying gig when I was 15. I'd been playing guitar for a couple of years at that stage and this gentleman heard me singing in a coffee shop called "The Purple Onion" in my home town of Cairns.

He offered me $10 and a good meal to ride on his tourist coach and entertain the passengers with my songs. I was hooked. His destination was usually the "Ellis Beach Hotel" where we all dined on huge and beautiful Rainbow Trout and other deep sea treats.

There was a trio of Irish musicians there, great singers and about the funniest people I'd ever met. They were so supportive and they made it all look so easy, they gave me big ideas, them and Elvis and Roy Orbison, Slim Dusty, Tom Jones and about a dozen other singers. I'll blame them I think, because without them I probably would have stopped by now but they still keep me singing. All of them plus all the friends, the listeners, the writers the dancers and the dreamers. They all occupy a special place in my heart and my music, each and every one.

The Trophy Shelf


                      Awards And Credits - Details In Brief

In 1988 Don Morrison won the Country Music section of the National Australian Bicentennial Songwriting Contest with his song “ Up The Putty Road” which offers a humorous look at travelling to the Tamworth Country Music Festival.   

In that year 1988, Don was also a Grand Finalist in the “Tamworth Starmaker Quest”.

In 1989 he won the Tamworth Songwriters Association’s “New Songwriter Award” which can only be won once by any writer and only within 4 years of that person being first nationally published. It is judged on the collected works published in that 4 years which in Don's case included songs recorded by Owen Blundell - "The Rambler" and "How Do You Make Love Last" which reached number 5 on the radio top 10 that year and "If Wishes Were Diamonds" recorded by Evelyn Bury on the album that won her a Gold Guitar for "Best Female Vocal".

In both 1989 and 1992 Don was placed First in the Tamworth Songwriters Association’s annual “National Songwriting Competition”.  This is run in conjunction with the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival and winners are invited to perform in the official Songwriters Concert the following year. This is a highly sought after award usually attracting 400 or more entries. Don has appeared on the Songwriters Concert 4 times through the years.

In both 1989 and 1990 Don’s original songs gained First placings in the “Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts” annual song competition.

In 1990 Don gained second place in the Country Music section of Australia’s only International Music Awards, “The Paters” conducted by the Australian Academy of Broadcasting Arts and Sciences.

In the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards, (Songwriting section) Don’s songs have been placed 2nd twice as well as being a finalist on 4 other occasions.

Among many other awards and distinctions Don’s songs have been recorded by a list of fine recording artists including, John Williamson, Evelyn Bury, Owen Blundell, Glen Jones and others.

For many years he has run a small professional quality recording studio. As well as producing saleable product for numerous independent artists this has been a development studio for original songs written by himself and other Australian songwriters about 30 of which have gone on to be published. The major work of the studio has been in producing song backing tracks that Don has used for his performances since 1993. 

As a member of the Tamworth Songwriters Association Don has been active in one position or another for over 20 years, having served on the committee, produced the newsletters and the TSA collumn in Capital News for 5 years, has been and still is the NSW state co-ordinator for many years and has also been a judge for the National Song Contest every year through that time with 3 exceptions. 

For 8 years he was the resident Singer/Bush Balladeer and part-time "Swaggie'" at the Australiana Pioneer Village in Wilberforce NSW. The village is built around the famous, "Rose Cottage" the oldest remaining timber house that has stood on the same location since 1811. 

Through this time he also played the part of the school teacher in the historic "Marsden Park" school building. Don found this a very rewarding experience as it allowed him a chance to further the interest in Australian history of children's groups from all over Sydney/NSW and coach loads of tourists who visited the village. The 30 minute "lessons" were aimed at being entertainment but contained a lot of genuine history that people would not usually encounter except through a visit to such a theme park as the Pioneer Village.    

Through the years Don has performed at many licensed clubs in Sydney including most of the major ones, as well as a huge list of hotels and other venues from Cairns to Melbourne, Broken Hill, Brisbane, Twoowomba, Tamworth the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, the Atherton Tablelands, the Gulf of Carpentaria and numerous stops in between. 

Since forming his first band, "The Sunseekers" while at high-school in Cairns he has delivered many thousands of performances in hundreds of locations.

Don lives in Richmond on the beautiful Hawkesbury River with his wife Deidre who is a professional art teacher and an accomplished painter. Her paintings are hung in many galleries in Australia and overseas and also feature on the covers of two of Don's 4 CD albums which are available at his performances as well as the sales page on this site.

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Below: Don With the "New Songwriter Award" Perpetual Trophy which has his name on one of the attached shields. A smaller version of this trophy is given to the winner each year while this one remains with the Tamworth Songwriters Association in Tamworth.                                                      

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